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Meet Monica.

She lives on a farm. She raises rabbits. And she messes up everything she touches.

Whether it’s sleeping in late on a teacher workday, pleasing her grades-obsessed father, or hanging out with her popular cousin Layla, Monica somehow makes every situation worse. When a dog goes missing, can Monica finally manage to get it right?


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Episode 1

Teacher Workday

Thumbnail image for Episode 1 of Monica. Scene features (from left to right) Grandma, Dad, Monica, and Layla outside Monica's family home.
Monica: Episode 1

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Monica is having one of those days where everything seems to go wrong. How will she get through it?

Episode 2


Thumbnail image for Episode 2 of Monica. Scene features (from left to right) Monica, Cameron, Jasmine, and Layla in the animal shelter hallway.
Monica: Episode 2

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Monica spends the day volunteering with 4-H at the local animal shelter. But when Layla gets moved to a different group, Monica finds herself stuck with the weird new kid instead.

Episode 3


Thumbnail image for Episode 3 of Monica. Scene features (from left to right) Cameron and Monica in the Rabbitry
Monica: Episode 3

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Monica’s dad is obsessed with chores and grades. How can Monica make friends or tackle community service ideas when he is constantly nagging her about work?

Episode 4


Thumbnail image for Episode 3 of Monica. Scene features (from left to right) Ms. Stephanie, Cameron, and Monica in Ms. Stephanie's Office
Episode 4

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Max has gone missing. Layla wants to look for him, but she needs Monica to cover for her. Monica and Cameron meet with Ms. Stephanie to discuss ideas for a 4-H service project.

Episode 5

Not Okay

Thumbnail image for Episode 5 of Monica. Scene features (from left to right) Monica and Layla outside the Rabbitry
Episode 5

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Layla fell during cheerleading practice, but Monica learns that Layla has been taking even bigger risks off the mat. Monica also learns more about her own family’s complicated history.

Episode 6


Monica: Episode 6

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Monica, Cameron, and Layla return to the animal shelter. Monica and Cameron discuss their service project ideas with Mr. Makhoul. Layla and Greg check the shelter for Max.

Episode 7

Don’t Tell

Thumbnail image for Episode 7 of Monica. Scene features (from left to right) Monica and Dad.
Monica: Episode 7

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Episode 7 picks up right where Episode 6 left off. Dr. Greene explains that Max had overdosed,  likely on painkillers. Later that evening, Monica confronts Layla over the cheerleading injury, and she discovers that Layla has been taking painkillers from a teammate to hide the pain. Later that night, Monica has to decide whether to trust her father or keep Layla’s secret to herself.

Episode 8

40° and Pouring

Thumbnail image for Episode 8 of Monica. Scene features Monica looking outside a window on a rainy day.
Monica: Episode 8

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After a long, exhausting night, Monica awakens to find that she has overslept and missed most of school. She is surprised to find that her father doesn’t seem to be angry with her at all. Layla, on the other hand, is a different story.

Episode 9

I Didn’t Know

Thumbnail image for Episode 9 of Monica. Scene features Monica looking over her shoulder with images for her father and cousin on either side of her.
Monica: Episode 9

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Monica finally confronts her father about the pressure she feels to meet his expectations.