Adolescence is hard. Understanding your adolescent doesn’t have to be.

The middle school years are a critical time for youth and their families. The skills and behaviors that tweens and young teens learn in early adolescence can set them up for a lifetime of success or start them down a dangerous path. North Carolina 4-H’s Empowering Youth and Families Program (EYFP) helps middle school youth and their caregivers choose to thrive.

Hear It From Us:

Watch this short video to learn about EYFP and hear what participants had to say.

Research shows what stands in our way - and EYFP tackles how to fix it.

EYFP families learn how to recognize differences between behavior and emotion, and how to respond appropriately to each. Over 10 weekly sessions, youth, and caregivers:

Participating in your local EYFP cohort prepares the youth in your care for a successful future by growing stronger, healthier, and more resilient family relationships today.

After completing our program,

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More than 9 out of 10 caregivers reported that they were better able to discuss difficult situations with their youth.
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8 out of 10 youth felt they were better able to discuss difficult situations with their caregivers.
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100% of youth reported that they would probably or absolutely not take a drug or medication that was not prescribed to them.


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To reach beyond local communities, this program also develops and delivers on-demand web-based content accessible worldwide. Click here to access our webinars.

Animated short features designed for middle school youth, focusing on prevention topics will be released beginning in Spring 2023.

Stay tuned for blog posts and video recaps on what EYFP is doing in our local communities.